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Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process

ABOUT Infogest

Understanding the effect of food on human health is a current research priority in Europe but it is also a strong consumer demand. People want to be aware of the effects on their body of the food they eat. After ingestion, food will be broken down in the gut releasing components (peptides, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids…) that, beside their nutritional properties, may have a biological action.

INFOGEST aims at improving the current scientific knowledge on how foods are disintegrated during digestion. This improved knowledge will help the scientific community and the industry to design new foods with improved nutritional and functional properties.

INFOGEST will provide a timely opportunity to fulfil the need for developing a trans-European network to improve dissemination of critical research findings, develop truly multidisciplinary collaborations and harmonise approaches between groups and discipline areas spanning the main stages of food digestion.

Up to now (July 2013) INFOGEST gathers more than 260 research scientists from 90 institutions in 32 countries (EU, Argentina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand…). It is open to new participants.

Infogest - Un nouveau réseau international en alimentation, nutrition et santé.