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Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process

Scientific Context

Digestion is the key step for delivering beneficial food components (BFC) to the body

The facts

  • Increase of lifestyle-related diseases (obesity, CVDs, type-2 diabetes…) in strong connection with the diet.
  • Ageing of the EU population (30% EU population over 60 in 2030).

The needs

  • Developing a "healthy ageing" approach 
  • Preventing rather than curing
  • Training people how to have a correctly balanced diet
  • Increasing our current knowledge on the effect of food on human health.

The Action

Digestive tract as a Black Box

In the past, food digestion was mainly been investigated with respect to food composition.
Recent data show that food structure should be considered as well.

However, the disintegration of food in the digestive tract is still regarded as a "black box"
where the mechanisms of nutrient release remain unknown.
A multidisciplinary scientific approch is the key to the understanding of the digestive process.

Infogest aims at gathering scientists from different backgrounds in order to:

  • share the current knowledge on food digestion
  • demonstrate the effect of food on health.